Danny Glover supports sheriff whose office released Kate Steinle’s accused murderer

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This past July, 32-year-old Kate Steinle was shot and killed on Pier 14 in San Francisco. Sanchez, the accused murderer and an illegal immigrant, had been deported five times before the murder, butbecause of San Francisco’s status as a sanctuary city, he knew he could avoid another deportation. And indeed, when he was arrested in […]


OOPSIE: Hillary fanboy Peter Daou claims men are scared of Hillary, sets HER up for HILARIOUS trolling

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We’re not sure, but the level of Peter Daou’s Hillary-Crush may have opened up a space time continuum. Surely even the universe is ready to collapse onto itself over the ridiculousness of his tweets. This one is SPAY-SHUL: Hillary is the woman who has the guts to say 'I was treated unfairly and the less-qualified […]


‘Better call Saul’: Actor Bryan Cranston forgets how SCOTUS appointments work

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When it comes to politics, maybe Bryan Cranston’s best course would be to tread lightly: That’s all well and good, but see, we also have these things called senatorial elections. And senators are kind of in charge of approving the president’s SCOTUS nominations. Saul may be shady, but even he could tell you that the […]