‘You failed at life’: Erickson’s comments on minimum wage rile lefties

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http://twitter.com/#!/Vegas_Martin/status/507695594492940288 Fast food workers around the country went on strike today and blocked traffic in acts of civil disobedience. http://twitter.com/#!/EWErickson/status/507694078449168384 http://twitter.com/#!/markedoten/status/507695229286481922 http://twitter.com/#!/Pradajames/status/507712747581087744 http://twitter.com/#!/CuomoElia/status/507682633879674880 http://twitter.com/#!/EwwMoist/status/507687009310105600 Seriously. Victim? If anything these people are victims of a progressive ideology that separates merit from reward. http://twitter.com/#!/chuckeatonga/status/507710119686045697 Yeah and make it illegal not to hire people who need a job. […]


‘So Harry Reid has a twin brother’: McConnell ad isn’t doing Mitch any favors [pic]

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http://twitter.com/#!/ae4xo/status/453551726541676545 The McConnell campaign probably thought this graphic was pretty slick, but it doesn’t seem to have had the desired effect on RedState’s Erick Erickson: http://twitter.com/#!/EWErickson/status/453549911561105408 Erickson wasn’t the only one struck by this particular photographic juxtaposition: http://twitter.com/#!/gypsyluc/status/453551709386575873 http://twitter.com/#!/TheRightDuff/status/453550601297985536 Very generous. http://twitter.com/#!/anthropocon/status/453550553390669824 True story. And that’s just downright depressing. http://twitter.com/#!/nmchugh85/status/453550108743696386 Ugh. *** Related: ‘Worst campaign ad in […]


Progressive folk hero economist Piketty accused of using flawed data

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http://twitter.com/#!/Matthops82/status/469921893261131776 A book written by French economist Thomas Piketty, “Capital in the Twenty-First Century,” has served as an inspiration to progressives calling for wealth redistribution. However, an analysis by the Financial Times found problems with Piketty’s inequality data: http://twitter.com/#!/ChrisGiles_/status/469905856671543297 The Financial Times found that Piketty’s book uses “cherry-picked” data and contains “a series of errors […]