This Designer’s Taste For Fashion Will Definitely Make You Hungry

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Dutch artist and designer Rommy Kuperus has successfully created the coolest accessories collection ever by combining the two best F-words of all time: fashion and food. When she decided that she wanted to hit the streets with her favorite foods, she went her own way and came up with the designs herself. Her eccentricity is […]


20 People And Animals That Blend In With Their Environments A Little Too Well

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It’s no secret that some people like to stand out and others like to blend in. While I personally take no issue with having all eyes on me, some people just can’t get down with that, and that’s totally okay! But no matter what side you happen to fall on, we all have those days […]


Think Today’s Fashion And Beauty Trends Are Weird? They Don’t Hold A Candle To These

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People can say what they want about fashion and cosmetics, but there are thousands of people out there (myself included) who feel like spending an hour or two in front of a vanity every day is time well spent. After all, slaying takes work, my friends. But everyday people and beauty gurus alike know that […]


How ’00s Were You?

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::Remembers puka necklace, bows head in shame:: Check off all the ~awesome~ ’00s trends you rocked. Warner Bros. Television Distribution 1 Skinny scarves. 2 “Chinese slippers” 3 Trucker hats 4 Gauchos 5 Fashion bandanas Flickr: kalebdf 6 Popped collars 7 ~Layered~ popped collars Timothy A. Clary / Via Getty Images […]