9 Feature Stories We’re Reading This Week: Religious Feminists And The Most Expensive Scientific Instrument Ever

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This week, we profile four women who are fighting for feminist change within their conservative religions: Orthodox Judaism, Mormonism, Catholicism, and Islam. Read that series and these other great stories from around BuzzFeed and the web. 1. Feminism in Faith: Four Women Who Are Revolutionizing Organized Religion — BuzzFeed View this image › “Why bother? […]


How Men’s Rights Leader Paul Elam Turned Being A Deadbeat Dad Into A Moneymaking Movement

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Paul Elam has become the face of the modern men’s rights movement by rallying against false rape accusations and divorce courts that favor mothers. But exclusive BuzzFeed News interviews with his estranged daughter and ex-wife show that his pet causes are very, very personal. The first time Bonnie met her father, Paul Elam, he cried […]


Feminism’s ‘toxic Twitter wars’ inspire #WhiteFeministRants

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http://twitter.com/#!/GOPMommy/status/429454285324038144 It seems to have begun with a lengthy piece at The Nation entitled, “Feminism’s Toxic Twitter Wars,” in which Michelle Goldberg examines the Internet as “a crucial place for feminist organizing.” Not all feminists believe they have an equal place at the virtual table, however. The Washington Free Beacon’s Sonny Bunch noted that “the most […]


The Trouble With “It Girls”

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We’ve used the term for nearly a century. But what does it tell us about the way we label women and their work? View this image › Matt Baron / BEImages / Getty Images / BuzzFeed News On the cover of the February issue of Vanity Fair, Rosamund Pike gives her best icy blue-eyed Grace […]