Cantor challenger: ‘We need FCC to monitor and regulate’ Fox News Channel

, , , , , , , ,!/BiasedGirl/status/435631474252189696 No, it appears that @VoteMike2014 is the real deal. Mike Dickinson, a progressive Democrat, hopes to unseat House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. His platform? Kevin Hart good, Fox News bad.!/VoteMike2014/status/435606348567703552!/VoteMike2014/status/435609393636597760!/VoteMike2014/status/435611612360491008!/VoteMike2014/status/435595708734115840!/VoteMike2014/status/435615670508986368!/VoteMike2014/status/435615890881929216 OK, there’s more to Dickinson that hating on Sean Hannity and Fox News.!/VoteMike2014/status/435617654528032769 What?!/VoteMike2014/status/435617873609097216 Back to […]


MacCallum crushes with Benghazi boom-question; Hume calls out Obama admin

, , , , , , ,!/Daryl16519C/status/422867215503732736 Wait … not a crappy YouTube video?! Who would have thunk it? More from Fox News: Minutes after the American consulate in Benghazi came under assault on Sept. 11, 2012, the nation’s top civilian and uniformed defense officials — headed for a previously scheduled Oval Office session with President Obama — were informed that […]


‘Struck a nerve’? Ed Henry hammers crapweasel Jay Carney; Carney loses his cool

, , , , , ,!/deedeegop/status/461903901504307201 This afternoon, Jay Carney once again took to the podium to weave his tangled web of Benghazi lies. Fortunately for us, Fox News’ Ed Henry, absent at yesterday’s sickening spectacle, had a chance to take a crack at Carney. And it was magnificent. Henry started with a simple, straightforward question:!/NiceDeb/status/461903360136732672 Carney couldn’t come […]


Cantor rival: Right didn’t blame Bush for 9/11, but blame Obama for Benghazi

, , , , , , , ,!/MilitaryBrat13/status/438559447225761792 Progressive lib Mike Dickinson is campaigning to unseat Republican Rep. Eric Cantor in November. Dickinson has previously said the Tea Party and KKK are “one in the same” and that the FCC should regulate and monitor Fox News. Here’s a fresh batch of Dickinson nuttiness: I'll say it again: 9/11 3,000 deaths promote Bush […]


Awkward! TIME ties conservatives to Fox News; Unwittingly proves media bias

@TIME @StatsInTheWild I don't thing this proves what you think it proves — thickslicingDFS (@thickSLICING) October 21, 2014 Well, let’s take a look. Here’s the headline and article from TIME: Conservatives cluster around Fox News, while liberals vary news sources — (@TIME) October 21, 2014 Oh, you clustering conservatives and your Fox News […]


This question puts ‘lost’ emails, IRS scandal in eye-opening perspective

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RT if you're ready to hold Lois Lerner accountable #IRSEmails — FreedomWorks (@FreedomWorks) August 28, 2014 As Twitchy readers know, reports have surfaced indicating that Lois Lerner’s Blackberry was destroyed after the congressional probe began. Lerner destroyed her blackberry *AFTER* the investigation had started. But the media has moved on, so whatever — […]


Stacey Dash laughs at the haters, thanks fans

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@REALStaceyDash @twitter #HatersGonnaHate #TheirProblem #StillFineAsWine — King Chris (@cwa92464) May 29, 2014 Stacey Dash’s arrival as a Fox News personality was predictably met with hate and vitriol. A Hollywood actress who happens to be black—how dare she refuse to fall in lock step with the left wing, right? The tolerant and open minded left always drops […]


‘KAPOWW!’ Larry Elder hits Bill Maher and MSNBC with beautiful zinger

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"Bill Maher Hammers MSNBC For 'Turning Into Fox News'"–Perhaps the only thing worse is to turn into…Bill Maher. — Larry Elder (@larryelder) February 21, 2014 We’ve really been enjoying not watching the media coverage of Bill Maher’s Valentine’s Day breakup with MSNBC. But thanks to radio host Larry Elder, we have a good reason to […]