‘And that says it all’: Chris Christie skipped fallen N.J. state trooper’s funeral to pimp Trump

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Earlier today, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie held a love-fest town hall event with Donald Trump. Because clearly there was nothing more important or meaningful for him to have been doing at the time. Oh, wait: More from NJ.com: TRENTON Gov.Chris Christiewill not attend the Monday funeral of the New Jersey StateTrooper who was killed […]


What They Did After Their Pet Died Is Strangely Sweet. You Won’t See This In Most Places.

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For many people, pets are considered part of the family. They are more than just animals or companions. That’s why there are places that cater to pets in ways you might not expect. There are pet spas, hotels, day care centers and even funeral parlors. In 2009, this family visited a Buddhist funeral parlor in Tokyo when […]


Police Dogs Give An Emotional ‘Bark Of Honor’ For A Fallen K9 Lost In The Line Of Duty

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Killed in the line of duty while pursuing a double homicide suspect, Las Vegas Metro K9 Nicky was given a hero’s send-off and an emotional ‘bark of honor’ by his canine friends. The eight-year-old Belgian Malinois had worked with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department for six years and survived a brutal stabbing just two […]