‘What is this, the Dark Ages?’ Tweetdeck goes down, massive freakout ensues


http://twitter.com/#!/mdrache/status/476768527811366912 TweetDeck users were just minding their own business, when suddenly, all hell broke loose: http://twitter.com/#!/flyoverangel/status/476769197666467841 According to Gizmodo, the issue was “an XSS vulnerability that allows attackers to execute code remotely on your computer just by tweeting it out.” Here’s what that looks like: http://twitter.com/#!/mikeBithell/status/476766169907875840 http://twitter.com/#!/DefuseSec/status/476753443734835200 http://twitter.com/#!/einfal/status/476769629067436032 TweetDeck claimed to have fixed the problem: […]


Katrina vanden Heuvel: Father’s day is about universal pre-school

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http://twitter.com/#!/Jjc1Jerry/status/478292274585931776 Is it ever NOT about politics for The Left? Publisher of “The Nation” Katrina vanden Heuvel somehow twists Father’s Day into a plug for universal Pre-K and burdening small businesses with a paid sick leave mandate. http://twitter.com/#!/KatrinaNation/status/478288141833355264 Sigh. Really? http://twitter.com/#!/dovesfall/status/478289097044140032 Please. Editor’s note: In an earlier version of this post, Katrina vanden Heuvel’s name was […]


Something So Funny Happened When Google Street View Met A Horse

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If you love to travel, you’ve probably hopped on Google Street View and digitally wandered around famous cities before booking flights. And that’s pretty incredible if you think about it. By mounting cameras on cars, the Google Street View team helps us explore far-flung cities around the world from the comfort of our own homes. […]


These Little Known, But Crazy, Google Facts Prove They’re Going To Take Over The World.

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Google is now one of the most powerful, influential and far-reaching companies this country (maybe even this planet) has ever produced. We’ve already established that the multi-billion dollar company will be our supreme overlords, so we might as well learn something about them. Here are some crazy interesting facts about the company. Some of this is […]