Not All Whales Are Friendly…Some Just Want To Kill You

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There’s no evidence to suggest that pilot whales are more aggressive than other whales, but judging by this encounter, researchers might want to revisit that topic. This snorkeler was swimming with a pod of pilot whales off the coast of Hawaii when they suddenly started behaving aggressively. They shoved her a little bit at first, […]


Obama greets anti-Keystone pipeline mascot Frostpaw in Hawaii [photos]

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#Obama gives shout out to Frostpaw the Polar Bear! RT @CivilBeat: Obama to Polar Bear in Hawaii: "Hey Polar Bear!" — Molly Solomon (@solomonout) December 24, 2013 President Obama took time out from his vacation golf game to send a shout-out to a protester posing as “Frostpaw,” the climate change mascot of environmentalist groups […]