Icy weather, warm hearts: Freezing dogs rescued from bitter cold by strangers [pics]

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http://twitter.com/#!/AshleaKosi/status/420334947254022144 How cold has it been this week? This cold: http://twitter.com/#!/Skyee_18/status/420365702034243585 http://twitter.com/#!/joeytack/status/420485104205430784 In Indiana, a Sheltie mix named Peanut was rescued after a tip alerted authorities that he was frozen to the ground. http://twitter.com/#!/WSOC_TV/status/420934147691925505 It’s bitterly cold outside, but these dog rescues will warm your heart. People are doing what they can to help lost and […]


Watch a Navy SEAL and his war dog rappel into Cowboys stadium [video, pics]

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@nfl @dallascowboys That totally ROCKS! #warriordogs — Cindy AndersonDownen (@southerngirl101) November 2, 2014 As part of the pregame at today’s Arizona Cardinals–Dallas Cowboys game, a Navy SEAL and his war dog rappelled into the stadium from the scoreboard to help with the coin toss: A member of the U.S. Navy Seals descends from the scoreboard […]


Forget #YesAllWomen: #YesAllCats exposes true societal problems


These #YesAllCats tweets…dying… — Erin (@sqwerin) May 31, 2014 In the spirit of continued mockery of the feminist hashtag #YesAllWomen, tweeters decided that cats deserve one as well. Thus, #YesAllCats was created. Because the term "corporate fat cat " propels the stereotype of greedy overweight cats . #YesAllCats — SENNA (@senna1) June 1, 2014 Entire […]