There Are Plenty Of Cute Pet Accounts On Instagram, But This Isn’t One Of Them

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When our friends post pictures of their pets on Instagram, we usually see dogs, cats, or other fluffy critters. However, not everybody has the same preferences when it comes to the pets they keep. While some see certain creatures as cute and cuddly, others view them as freaky and terrifying. Just take Adrian Kozakiewicz, for […]


These Tiny Creatures Prove That Not ALL Bugs Are Creepy. Some Make Me Go AWW.

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When most people see a bug, their reaction is a combination of revulsion and aggression. However, not all bugs are gross enough to stomp. It’s true! There are some insects in the world whose cute factor make them surprisingly WAY less creepy than the rest of their unsettling insect amigos. Check out all these teeny-tiny, fuzzy-wuzzy creatures. […]