Bake news: Child delivers James Comey freshly made cookies after his firing by big orange meanie

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You might have heard on the news that President Donald Trump this week fired James Comey from his position as director of the FBI, sparking outrage among liberals who had demanded his firing last November and leading to reports of a coupand pleas for help to the international spy community. Comey has endured life as […]


Defying Trump’s coup, Keith Olbermann transmits plea for help to world’s intel agencies

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Last November, just before Election Day, GQ Special Correspondent Keith Olbermann declared James Comey’sposition at the FBI “no longer tenable” and called for his firing. As recent as last month the narrative wasthat it was “painfullyobvious” that Comey, aided by the media, cost Hillary Clinton the presidency. Like most Americans, though, Olbermann didn’t realize that […]