John Kerry’s so serious about combating climate change that he’s broken a record!

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#carbonfootprint ==> — Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) April 7, 2016 Secretary of State John Kerry is among those who believe that the burning of fossil fuels threatens the existence of human beings, but he sure does have an odd way of showing it: Kerry breaks record for miles traveled by secretary of state: — […]


‘Here we go again’: State Dept. ‘aware’ of report about U.S. citizen detained in Iran

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Not long after Iran released 10 U.S. sailors and days later freed four American citizens in a prisoner swap, there are reports that the Obama administration’s “deal partner” is at it again: Via ABC News: Iranian authorities have arrested a U.S. citizen whose son has been detained in Iran for the last four months, friends […]


Not funny because it’s true: Kiev, Shmiev! Greg Gutfeld slams John Kerry

, , , , ,!/drawandstrike/status/436029090131222529 As Twitchy reported, the anti-government protests in Kiev, Ukraine, have become deadly. But it’s cool, guys! Jay Carney says the White House is totally “appalled” and stuff.  And where is Secretary of State Kerry? Surely he is on the case and the world can rest easy:!/CAAmyO/status/435864792817868800 That’s not a joke. Kerry was actually […]


Tough question gets reporter the boot


All week long the GOP was mocked by liberals and the MSM with a suggestion that the Republican presidential candidates couldn’thandle tough questions at the CNBC debate and that’s why they met tonight to discuss changing the format of future debates. With that in mind, we wonder what their reaction will be to Washington Post […]


Guess what John Kerry promises will be top focus of ‘diplomatic efforts’

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We are going to "destroy" ISIS with environmental regulations & limit their abilities to emit CO2 @markknoller — The Right Wing M (@TheRightWingM) September 22, 2014 That’ll show ‘em! Secretary of State John Kerry has reiterated his pledge to keep focusing on the real threat in the world today: At NYC Climate Week event, […]