Ouch! NRCC skewers DCCC’s ‘I miss Obama’ sticker schlock

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Yesterday, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee caused some head scratching on both sides of the aisle with a rather bizarre “art” project depicting Obama and Biden putting “I Miss Obama” stickers all over the Oval Office: You suck at your job! Liberals take a hatchet to DCCCs latest art project https://t.co/X751BX9Vz5 — Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) […]


‘Can a magazine jump a shark?’ The New Republic redefines ‘voter suppression’

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“Didja hear how the GOP is suppressing the vote?” “Dogs? Water cannons?”’ “WORSE. They’re, gasp, LEAVING A DEM ON THE BALLOT!” “…” — Sonny Bunch (@SonnyBunch) September 05, 2014 Welp, give The New Republic points for creativity with this one: Kansas Republicans just invented a new form of voter suppression http://t.co/NyzodKLkar — The New Republic […]