‘Totally rad!’ Obama compares GOP to Grumpy Cat, ‘giddy fanboy-ish’ ABC News squees

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That’s a fairquestion. President Obama spoke today at the DNC’s Women’s Leadership Forum, where he gifted the admiring crowd with his great comedic talents. The DNC was only too happy to share this gem: Less than 20 minutes later, ABC News Politics tweeted this out: Wouldn’t it’ve just been easier for them to retweet the […]


Obama’s birthday gives blue check media opportunity to relive lapdog glory days

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Today is former President Obama’s 56th birthday, and while his fans celebrate, the media continue to do their thing. Dear National News Media, Why does majority of America hate/distrust you? THIS====> https://t.co/99VqCGFr45 — justturnright (@justturnright) August 4, 2017 Still can't figure out how we ended up with Trump. https://t.co/v8q5qA4v8U — BT (@back_ttys) August 4, 2017 […]