Obama’s birthday gives blue check media opportunity to relive lapdog glory days

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Today is former President Obama’s 56th birthday, and while his fans celebrate, the media continue to do their thing. Dear National News Media, Why does majority of America hate/distrust you? THIS====> https://t.co/99VqCGFr45 — justturnright (@justturnright) August 4, 2017 Still can't figure out how we ended up with Trump. https://t.co/v8q5qA4v8U — BT (@back_ttys) August 4, 2017 […]


Pumpkinfest vs Ferguson: Media double standards? [pics, video]

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Remember, rumors and images of "rioting and looting" brought the mainstream media to #Ferguson. Seems to be the opposite for #pumpkinfest. — Dr. Goddess (@drgoddess) October 19, 2014 Supporters of those who protested and/or rioted in Ferguson, Missouri were calling out the mainstream media for their coverage of the predominantly white rioters at Keene, New […]