‘The Mangina Monologues’: Twitter trends #MichaelMooreBroadwayShows, these could win a Tony

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Like Twitchy reported yesterday, Michael Moore’s next big “play” in taking Trump down is to star in a Broadway show. Because that’ll show him! And hey,Michael Moore could win a Tony … Ok, probably not but theseshow ideas from the Twitter trend #MichaelMooreBroadwayShows should definitely be in the running: A Streetcar Nam…hold on, is that […]


Just like Pavlov’s Dogs: When Obama speaks, Sally Kohn, Cher, and Michael Moore start salivating

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As Twitchy reported, earlier today Barack Obama spoke at the University of Chicago to somehow inspire young Democrats to be leaders or something. And just like Pavlov’s dogs, Obama rang a little progressive bell and Sally Kohn, Cher, Michael Moore and other Democrats started salivating. Basically, this @BarackObama event at University of Chicago is a […]