DUH: Alyssa Milano is SHOCKED Republican women, minorities and gays are treated like garbage

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Alyssa Milano’s new thing is to pretend she suddenly cares about country over party … of course she wasn’t saying this when a Democrat was in office but hey, what do we know. She even went so far as to say we need more Republican women in Congress, after Republican women refused to repeal Obamacare. […]


‘How Democrats bought Colorado’: Michelle Malkin talks ‘Rocky Mountain Heist’

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http://twitter.com/#!/algoma1954/status/524743083959656449 Twitchy has reported on the legal setbacks to Citizens United, maker of the film “Rocky Mountain Heist,” which had delayed its release even as the November elections crept closer. The conservative group finally won a definitive victory last week in the name of free political speech, and now the behind-the-scenes story of the attempt […]