Yahoo! News political ‘reporter’ called out for Mitch McConnell snark

, , , ,!/AG_Conservative/status/529332487538106368 Mitch McConnell, who could be Senate Majority Leader if the Republicans take control of the Senate after tomorrow’s elections, is already trying to smooth things over: "We intend to be a responsible governing majority," Sen. McConnell tells @ABC in Lexington. Watch online coming up. — Jeff Zeleny (@jeffzeleny) November 3, 2014 Yahoo! News “politics […]


Feminist offers tepid apology for ‘race based attacks’ on Sen. McConnell’s wife

, , , , ,!/redsteeze/status/495590917936799744 Kathy Groob, a political consultant involved with a PAC working to defeat Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell and elect Democrat Alison Grimes, is also an “activist for women’s rights and equality,” according to her Twitter bio. However, since the discovery of comments that demonstrate Groob’s apparent obsession with pointing out that McConnell’s wife is of […]


Sing along with Mitch: #McConnelling on YouTube is the new #Eastwooding

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#mcconnelling…the only time in history McConnell will be a more popular search name than Bieber. — John Flavell (@jxflavell) March 15, 2014 It was inevitable, really. Mitch McConnell’s campaign team recently issued what RedState’s Ben Howe called “the worst campaign ad in the history of politics with the creepiest opening I’ve ever seen.” Composed of […]


Sen. McConnell’s Dem opponent gives Ky. voters reason not to vote for Dems

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How awful is it to be a Democrat in 2014? So awful that Democrats are pretending they're not Democrats. — RBe (@RBPundit) June 2, 2014 Kentucky Democrat Alison Grimes is running for U.S. Senate against incumbent Republican Mitch McConnell. However, because of President Obama’s new executive actions, which will among many things tighten regulations […]