Missouri account piles on after rival’s NCAA loss; Backlash ensues

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http://twitter.com/#!/daclemenator/status/447808648333361152 After Kansas was eliminated from the NCAA Tournament Sunday, its rival, Missouri, tweeted a message of congratulations to the team that eliminated the Jayhawks from the tournament. http://twitter.com/#!/MattSebek/status/447816101540286464 http://twitter.com/#!/jonsol/status/447807176464416770 Some thought the humor was in good taste. http://twitter.com/#!/SHGrove90/status/447812841475567616 http://twitter.com/#!/Coachbulldog/status/447812393389682688 Others were not amused at all. http://twitter.com/#!/DanWetzel/status/447813679556202496 http://twitter.com/#!/SteinlageT/status/447805079463006209 http://twitter.com/#!/TurkeyhuntrKvas/status/447816413550374912 http://twitter.com/#!/kiphillreporter/status/447817144554622976 http://twitter.com/#!/DellengerAdv/status/447806158342856705 Intense is one way […]


Hands up, don’t shoot: Cameras breach Mizzou safe zone; Prof gets physical

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As Twitchy reported this morning, students at theUniversity of Missouri linked arms to form the outline of a “no media” safe space, inside which protesters could do their thing without the scrutiny of TV cameras and reporters. Cameras did eventually make it through the safe zone and inside Mizzou, which, as St. Louis Post-Dispatch photojournalist […]


‘What’s happening here?’ Irony of media-hating Mizzou protesters lost on Dylan Byers

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As Twitchy reported, social justice warriors at Mizzou surrounded and harassed a reporter attempting to cover their self-righteous protesting. And, well, former Politico journo and current CNN reporter just doesn’t understand what’s going on: This isn’t difficult to figure out, Dylan. If only! You reap what you sow, journo-tools. Read more: http://twitchy.com/2015/11/09/whats-happening-here-irony-of-media-hating-mizzou-protesters-lost-on-dylan-byers/