Hard pivot: As tent comes down on Comey circus, liberals declare DEFCON 1 over Obamacare repeal

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As Twitchy reported, somewhere out there Wednesday among all of the network countdown clocks to James Comey’s Senate testimony were thosewarning that Republicans were moving ahead with plans to kill tens or even hundreds of thousands by repealing Obamacare and passing the American Health Care Act, aka Trumpcare. Senate Republicans are trying to fast-track Trumpcare […]


Did lib orgs ‘cheat’ to keep free-market group from winning video contest?

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@kerpen because fairness! — Jason Hart (@jasonahart) October 16, 2014 MAYDAY PAC and MoveOn.org are hosting a super-awesome video contest: Our friend @MAYDAYUS is running a video contest to #GetMoneyOut w/ celeb. judges @ZephyrTeachout @GeorgeTakei + more http://t.co/6Ht1SlHOKF — Represent.Us (@RepresentDotUs) October 2, 2014 More from MAYDAY: Inspired by MoveOn’s “Bush in 30 seconds” video ad […]


Conservative group American Commitment wins MoveOn contest in a landslide

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Sure looks like MoveOn's own members are voting overwhelmingly for http://t.co/KpXqzGrvNH. Didn't expect that. — Phil Kerpen (@kerpen) October 17, 2014 As Twitchy reported yesterday, progressive groups MoveOn and MayDay hosted a super-awesome 30-second video contest “to wake up America to the crisis of big money in our politics.” It must have been a surprise to the […]