‘Goebbels would be proud’: Reid, Pelosi team up with anti-Koch film [pic]

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http://twitter.com/#!/iowahawkblog/status/468807991756857344 Tonight is a very special night in Washington, D.C. Because tonight, the Kochs will be exposed — again! Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid will be cohosting a live congressional press briefing that will feature clips from Brave New Films’ reissue of “Koch Brothers Exposed.” Check out this sweet graphic from the documentary’s website: http://twitter.com/#!/hboulware/status/468802708406018048 Well, that’s […]


Here Are 16 Then And Now Photos From Famous Movie Scenes. You Gotta See Them Now.

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Ever wanted to be in a movie? Me too! I’ve always dreamed of being on set, seeing how the “sausage” is made. Instead, I just devour movies, paying close attention to the smallest details, and re-watching my favorites over and over and over. The next best thing would have to be going to the real […]