This Man Keeps Playing The Piano As The World Literally Falls Down Around Him

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googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTBT_ATF’); }); No matter what your personal politics happen to be, denying the existence of climate change is pretty hard to do at this point. And that’s made even clearer when footage like this comes to light. Last month, composer Ludovico Einaudi created a piece called “Elegy for the Arctic” to raise awareness […]


These Terrible Album Covers Make Us Happy That Music Is Now A Digital Medium.

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Making an album is hard enough, but marketing that album is another thing entirely for a musician. The music may be fantastic, but if it’s wrapped in a steaming pile of cover-garbage, it’s not going to sell. If there’s one thing that can be taken away this list of terrible album covers, it’s that musicians don’t […]


Community Post: Which Famous DJ-Producer Should You Make A Song With?

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The question is: Would you guys mix well together? Where would you want your first show to be? hdw.eweb4 / Via Miami socrata / Via Chicago faciallosangeles / Via Los Angeles wikipedia / Via New York jetblue / Via Las Vegas porternovelli / Via San Francisco Which music genre […]


Girl Makes A Really Cool And Unique Cover Of A Michael Jackson Song You’ll Love.

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Singer and musician Kawehi originally posted this video of her covering Michael Jackson’s ‘The Way You Make Me Feel‘ in 2012, but it went mostly unnoticed up until this week, when it went viral and racked up nearly 2 million views on YouTube. The reason it went so big so quick is because when it […]


How Prince Taught Me About Female Sexuality


He helped me realize there are men who enjoy being submissive to women — and that being a woman who’s more sexually experienced than a man isn’t something to hide or being ashamed of. View this image › CROLLALANZA /REX USA As a little kid in the early 1980s, I remember watching the video for […]