Willfully ignorant leftists put bogus racism charge on John Podhoretz

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http://twitter.com/#!/johnlegend/status/494348347164344320 It was nothing extraordinary. Piano player John Legend was just joining the left wing anti-Israel chorus. Conservative pundit and editor of “Commentary” magazine John Podhoretz responded with a variation on a stock conservative phrase. So naturally the left’s one-track hive-mind decided to accuse Podhoretz of—what else—racism. How original. http://twitter.com/#!/NathanWurtzel/status/494637992657825794 http://twitter.com/#!/guypbenson/status/494641362680049664 Of course, only the willfully […]


John Fugelsang should master spell check before he tries defining liberalism

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http://twitter.com/#!/Matthops82/status/418121741936775168 In case there was any doubt that liberals are indeed Smarter Than You™, here’s actor-comedian John Fugelsang to set you straight: http://twitter.com/#!/JohnFugelsang/status/418106622532001792 “Prematurely mainstream.” That is, like, so deep or whatever. http://twitter.com/#!/garysteveneaton/status/418120351625662464 Well, if he did, you’d at least think he’d want to spell his own name correctly. Alas, no: http://twitter.com/#!/RBPundit/status/418121806805864448 Now, to be […]