Obama greets anti-Keystone pipeline mascot Frostpaw in Hawaii [photos]

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#Obama gives shout out to Frostpaw the Polar Bear! RT @CivilBeat: Obama to Polar Bear in Hawaii: "Hey Polar Bear!" http://t.co/eh8vtbdEDL — Molly Solomon (@solomonout) December 24, 2013 President Obama took time out from his vacation golf game to send a shout-out to a protester posing as “Frostpaw,” the climate change mascot of environmentalist groups […]


Minor earthquake hits Georgia, South Carolina

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http://twitter.com/#!/PrishaeWilson/status/434528963688693760 That was an earthquake people were feeling in South Carolina and Georgia Friday night. Initial reports pegged the quake at a magnitude of 5.4, although that number was quickly revised downward. UPDATE: The earthquake that hit South Carolina has been downgraded to a 4.1 magnitude #swfl http://t.co/vKmmspTFt2 pic.twitter.com/jTy0aEolZK — NBC2 (@NBC2) February 15, 2014 […]