Lauren Southern splashed with ‘piss or some sort of poison’ at anti-Sharia march in New York

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The last time we checked in with Lauren Southern, the Canadian political activist and alleged member of the alt-right was headlining a Patriots Day rally in Berkeley, Calif., thatwas supposed to celebrate free speech but instead featured pepper spray, some flash-bangs, fireworks, and possibly brass knuckles. That was April. Now, in June,protesters in several cities […]


‘Everything is awful’: Rudy Giuliani says he’s ‘gonna vote for’ 9/11 truther Trump

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Now this is YUUUUGE! Rudy Giuliani is voting for @realDonaldTrump via @nypost — Charles Gasparino (@CGasparino) April 7, 2016 New York Post reports that Rudy Giuliani will vote for Trump — Robert Costa (@costareports) April 7, 2016 More from the New York Post: Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani said hes voting for fellow New […]


Firefighters Rush To Rescue Two Horses Stuck Up To Their Necks In Freezing Water

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This dramatic footage shows the moment that at least 30 volunteer firefighters from three different fire companies rush to rescue two horses who had fallen through an icy lake in upstate New York. The men and women were racing against time as they worked to the point of exhaustion, breaking a path through the ice. […]


27 People Who Think The Blizzard Disproves Climate Change

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Only monkeys believe in climate change. #Blizzard 1. There’s a #blizzard hitting the northeast & lefties are screaming global warming/climate change….actually, it’s just called winter â„ï¸ðŸ’¨ — amr033 (@anne) 2. @MarketWatch 97% of climate scientists agree that there is no blizzard. #GlobalWarming #climatechange — muckdog (@muckdog) 3. That awkward moment when the biggest #BLIZZARD since […]


‘Chilling’: Bill de Blasio’s State of the City address would make Lenin proud

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Seriously, you guys. NYC is going to be a hellhole once DiBlasio gets through with it. — RB (@RBPundit) February 10, 2014 Today, Mayor de Blasio delivered his State of the City address: One more read-through. #SOTC — Bill de Blasio (@BilldeBlasio) February 10, 2014 And quickly confirmed that he’s set on fundamentally transforming […]