Matt Yglesias joins Dem spin of Florida election loss; Nick Searcy destroys

, , , , , ,!/monsterhunter45/status/443596719515643904 Yesterday, Republican David Jolly defeated Democrat Alex Sink in a congressional race for Florida’s 13th district to decide who would finish the term of Republican Bill Young, who died last October. Debbie Wasserman Schultz spun the Dem loss in a race many considered to be a referendum on Obamacare as a GOP underperformance. The […]


‘Mock me too!’ Adoptive dad Nick Searcy slams bigot Melissa Harris-Perry [pics]

, , , ,!/bitingtea/status/417719731240841217 As Twitchy reported, MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry recently snickered her way through a racist panel discussion about Mitt and Ann Romney’s adopted grandson. Proud conservative actor Nick Searcy, himself the adoptive father of a black child, was not amused.!/yesnicksearcy/status/417722701089112064 Go on, Melissa. Do it. We dare you.!/yesnicksearcy/status/346394845532790784!/yesnicksearcy/status/416998130442186753 Now, we look at those […]


Nick Searcy helps hijack #NewGOPDebateQuestions hashtag


After learning that the RNC told NBC that is was suspending its February debate as punishment for the awful CNBC debate this week, liberals took to twitter using the hashtag #NewGOPDebateQuestions to mock Republicans who they think where whining aboutCNBC’s tough, but fair questions. Some examples: All very “meh.” But luckily we have Hollywood star […]