Body Marbling Is The Newest Body Art Trend, And You Have To See It In Action

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We’ve seen plenty of incredible body art here on ViralNova, but this new trend is in a league of its own. And if you’re into nail art, you’ve probably seen one iteration of it before. The technique goes by the name of body marbling, and it took the festival scene by storm earlier this year. […]


He Found This Unloved Air Hockey Table And Transformed It In The Most Epic Way

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Just like the clothes we wear, toys come and go in our lives. But unlike that old pair of jeans you’ll donate to Goodwill, worn teddy bears and game boards tend to have staying power. If you’d love to find a way to repurpose them, and maybe get a few more useful years, pay attention. […]


This Man Only Wanted The Best For His New Niece…So He Made Her Crib Himself

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It’s totally fine to outfit the den in your bachelor pad with a cheap coffee table from Ikea, but when it comes to the crib for a baby, you’re going to want it to be made out of something sturdier than Swedish cardboard. That’s why when Reddit user Mergs21 heard he was going to have […]


Give A Snail A Paint Job And You Just Might Save Its Life. Plus, It’ll Look Super Cute.

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Snails are pretty amazing, from their wiggly eye stalks to the way they carry their houses around on their backs. Unfortunately, they’re also pretty small, and as a result, they often get stepped on. Their camouflage helps them evade predators in nature, but in areas where humans are the majority of the animals, a little […]


Ecologically-Minded Artist Creates Stunning Dreamscapes. So Surreal.

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Amy Guidry’s landscapes almost look familiar, with blue skies, clouds and distant mountain ranges. But what’s populating them is entirely different. Her hybrid creatures, disconnected (though still alive-seeming) animal parts and eerily calm human faces let the viewer know that something else is going on here. Something much larger.  That’s the point, though. In her “In […]