So much for sorry: WeRateDogs back to alienating fans with climate change tweet

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Just 24 hrs after "oops, we shouldn't have gotten political" — Jacob Perry (@jacobperry) June 1, 2017 Well, that didn’t last long. So the apology yesterday meant nothing. Noted. — LaurieAnn (@mooshakins) June 1, 2017 Just a day after apologizing for alienating a huge chunk of his fan base by pledging half of […]


Things get chilly between Obama speechwriter and media over coverage of ‘climate czar’ Ivanka Trump

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Media outlets around the world have all but declared the planet an uninhabitable wasteland now that President Trump has announced the withdrawal ofthe United States from the Paris Climate Accord. There had been chatter Wednesday night, though, that the president might not follow through on that particular campaign promise, and that he was feeling some […]