22 Hilarious Photos That Cat Lovers Will Understand All Too Well

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Though I adore my cats, I admit that I’m often baffled by their odd behavior. Whether I’m finding ripped-up carpeting, watching glasses of water being knocked over, or being bombarded by a needy cat that demands my attention while I’m trying to work, one thing’s for sure — they definitely aren’t boring. The people who […]


Many Fathers Would Ignore Their Kid’s Drawings. This One Made It Unforgettable.

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One day Reddit user Tatsputin decided to take his 4-year-old daughter’s art to the next level, by coloring it in and thus bringing his child’s imagination to a whole new colorful level. What started as a fun little game where he would color in one of his daughter’s drawings with pencils quickly grew into fun for […]


Mark Zuckerberg Founded Facebook, But This Woman Mastered It. Check Out Her Amazing Profile Pictures.

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We’re all on Facebook. If you’re not, just pretend for a second, ok? It’s such a powerful tool – yet – so few of us actually use the site to its full potential. With the ability to contact almost any living person with the click of a button, you could be using Facebook to find […]


These Images Are Far More Powerful Than Any Words. Try Not To Cry.

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Sometimes, all you need to tell a story is a picture. A great photograph has the ability to encapsulate the emotions of a situation. There is no need for words, no need for speech, sometimes you just need to be in awe of extraordinary images. Looking at these moving photos and not crying is nearly impossible. […]


You’ll Laugh Out Loud When You See These Silly Pictures From The Past.

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This might be hard to believe, but we’re not the first generation to take silly pictures. These rediscovered slides from the start of the 20th century prove that it wasn’t our parents’ generation, either. If you think about pictures from the early 20th century, you might come to the conclusion that people were always serious. […]


As Soon As You See These 27 Pictures, Your Day Will Be Made. Guaranteed.

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We all have a bad day every once in a while. Maybe it’s raining where you are and your boss is breathing down your neck. You have a deadline you need to meet and you stress out about it. Coffee isn’t doing its thing when you need your pick-me-up. You need something else to make your […]