It Looked Like This Polar Bear Might Attack, But Then Things Turned Adorable

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Polar bears are some of the most dangerous animals in the world. The carnivores can become extremely vicious and kill at a moment’s notice, especially if they think their cubs are being threatened. They have no qualms about attacking anything that moves, but one Canadian bear’s behavior surprised everyone. For whatever reason, this polar bear […]


16 Ridiculously Adorable Animals Learning How To Walk

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Learning to walk is a momentous occasion in all our lives. Those wobbly first steps are arguably some of the most adorable and memorable for those who watch us grow up. Sadly, we don’t get to remember the exciting moments, but we do get to enjoy them for these little cuties. If you think watching […]


Obama greets anti-Keystone pipeline mascot Frostpaw in Hawaii [photos]

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#Obama gives shout out to Frostpaw the Polar Bear! RT @CivilBeat: Obama to Polar Bear in Hawaii: "Hey Polar Bear!" — Molly Solomon (@solomonout) December 24, 2013 President Obama took time out from his vacation golf game to send a shout-out to a protester posing as “Frostpaw,” the climate change mascot of environmentalist groups […]


What Happens In This Remote Town Every October Is Frighteningly Awesome. I Had No Idea.

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Every year, starting in October, a town in northern Manitoba gets swarmed by the largest carnivore that is walking the Earth today. Over 900 polar bears arrive at this town after their summer hibernation. They may be adorable, but it mustn’t be forgotten that  they’re also powerful killers. It might seem cool that so many […]


The First Picture Shocked Me. But Not Nearly As Much As The Next Five… Whoa.

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Agee is unlike any other polar bear you’d ever see in captivity or in the wild. Her best friend is her human animal trainer, Mark Abbot Dumas. He took her in and began hand-raising her when she was only a tiny cub. Now, he can wrestle, play and train her while completely trusting her. Not […]