This Heartbreaking Video Shows You Just What Testing On Animals Is Really Like

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In France, a shocking video was recently shot in the Alfort National Veterinary School. There, generations of dogs have been bred to have painful and debilitating diseases, all in the name of “research.” The studies are funded by AFM-Téléthon with the goal of finding a cure for muscular dystrophy in humans. Golden retrievers, beagles, and […]


They Were Doing Underwater Research When — Suddenly — Something Massive Came To Say Hello

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On April 15, 2015, researchers from E/V Nautilus sent a robot named Hercules down into the depths of the Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of Louisiana. They were exploring the biology, geology, and archeology of the ocean, and when they reached a depth of 1,962 feet, they suddenly encountered something magnificent — a sperm […]