These Super Smart Pups Deserve Every Single Treat — Just Watch Their Tricks!

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Just when you think you’ve taught your dog everything they can learn… You’ll find yourself marveling at what these super talented pups can do! Because from playing the piano, using the toilet, or even learning to feed themselves with a series of games, each one of these dogs reminds us there’s still so much more […]


21 Cat Photobombs That Are So Awesome, They Could Make The World Go Round

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Cat owners will probably agree that when their furry friends want attention, they get attention. Sure, those rare times might not always (or, well…ever) line up with the times you need some snuggling, but on the rare occasion when you’re trying to give attention to another being, well that’s just not acceptable. Which is why […]


Here Are 8 Terrifying Signs From The Future…Today. Seriously, #2 Is Awesome, But #7…OMG.

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When I think of the future, everything is amazing. Seriously, we all have jet packs, eat food in pill form, and dogs can talk. But… wait.  That’s the Jetsons… darn. I guess the future will be scary and strange, the same way transporting our grandparents from fifty years ago to today would scare the bejeezus out […]