The Future Of Meat Is Here, And It’s Pretty Odd, To Say The Least

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Do you think that it’s a travesty against life that animals are slaughtered for meat products every day? It’s a tough pill for anyone to swallow. While not all of us choose to be vegetarians, those with any ounce of empathy can’t help but feel bad for these creatures in light of the suffering they […]


Here Are 8 Terrifying Signs From The Future…Today. Seriously, #2 Is Awesome, But #7…OMG.

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When I think of the future, everything is amazing. Seriously, we all have jet packs, eat food in pill form, and dogs can talk. But… wait.  That’s the Jetsons… darn. I guess the future will be scary and strange, the same way transporting our grandparents from fifty years ago to today would scare the bejeezus out […]


I Was Using Google Earth When I Noticed Something Awesome… In Fact, 29 Awesome Things.

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Google Earth allows us to explore the world around us in a way that used to be impossible. With the help of satellite imagery and aerial photographs taken by aircraft, Google created a gigantic and interactive map for us to play with. Exploring cities you’ve never visited is fun, but you can also use it […]