This Adorable Pup Is Beautiful Now, But You Need To See Where She Started

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We’ve seen dogs in all sorts of desperate situations, but nothing quite like this pup named Belle who was found wandering the streets of Johannesburg, South Africa. In September, rescuers from Community Led Animal Welfare, otherwise known as CLAW, found a lab and hound mix covered in so many blood-sucking ticks, she was practically unrecognizable. […]


How A Dog Can Still Smile After Going Through All Of This Is Beyond Me. What An Ending.

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This is the story of how one man found a friend for life. Redditor personalhale found a cold and starving Golden Retriever pup while out walking in a rain storm in Atlanta half a year ago. He did what any good person would do and rescued the little guy, immediately seeing to his health and hygiene. What […]