This Poor Cat…Only In Eastern Europe. This Is Definitely Animal Cruelty!

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Not to stereotype, but let’s be honest, there are a lot of crazy videos that come out of Eastern Europe. Granted, I’m sure an equal number of crazy videos are created in America and Western Europe. However, they don’t often get as much media traction as the ones from Russia and other former Soviet countries. […]


#digitalmaidan: Ukrainians ramp up protests against government on social media

, ,!/inspiredua/status/427832904131964928!/10nyk/status/427830404775559168!/Spiriana/status/427831783879499776 The brave anti-government protesters in Ukraine are not backing down. Tomorrow, the Yanukovych regime will hold a special hearing on the movement. Government officials want to end the demonstrations ASAP: Ahead of a special legislative session on Tuesday intended to help defuse Ukraine’s worsening political crisis, the majority party in Parliament issued […]


Putin is in control of Ukrainian ‘spy dolphins’

, ,!/Matthops82/status/511530954834202624 Cry ‘Havoc,’ and let slip the militarized-mammals of war! Russia confirms Putin is in charge of highly-trained 'spy dolphins' seized from Ukraine — Daily Mail Online (@MailOnline) September 15, 2014 From the article: Russia has formally acknowledged that it has conscripted Ukraine’s ‘spy dolphins’ which means they could now be used in underwater […]


‘I could see this one from Alaska’: Hey journos, ‘stupid’ Palin was right about Ukraine

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Laugh at her now -> Russia might invade Ukraine if Obama wins, @SarahPalinUSA warns – 10/22/08 — Karl ‏ ن‏Kroshinsky (@KarlKroshinsky) February 28, 2014 Boy, that Sarah Palin sure is a dunce, isn’t she? Just ask “real journalist” Blake Hounshell, who was quite tickled when Palin said this back in 2008: After the […]