‘2 more white guys? I’m out’! Diversi-tools cry foul over new True Detective stars

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http://twitter.com/#!/SonnyBunch/status/514482521636356097 Cue the asplosions! With the announcement that season 2 of “True Detective” will star Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn, HBO has cemented its status as the home for white male supremacy: @KatMcKinley There's a segment of the internet that is upset that True Detective season 2 will be starred by two white (straight) guys. […]


‘Back to 3 white men:’ Lib white media bemoans Diane Sawyer’s retirement

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http://twitter.com/#!/washingtonpost/status/481800194733113344 For those few of you dinosaurs who still watch a nightly network newscast to get the day’s “news” 12 hours late, get out your hankies. Diane Sawyer is leaving the building and some dude named David Muir is taking her place as ABC’s nightly newsreader-in-chief. The news has many lib white journalist-y types and […]