What difference does it make which #Clinton Baby Names Chelsea picks?

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http://twitter.com/#!/ColbyItkowitz/status/456892824789598208 Within minutes of the announcement that Chelsea Clinton is expecting, #ClintonBabyNames was trending in the United States. Maybe it’s just Throwback Thursday, but most choices seemed to commemorate the baby’s grandparents and their legacy. William or Hillary are both fine choices; Monica not so much … too ’90s. How about these? http://twitter.com/#!/GayPatriot/status/456895211965534208 http://twitter.com/#!/maxjkleber/status/456895560893468672 http://twitter.com/#!/MangyLover/status/456895767458750464 http://twitter.com/#!/teeocee/status/456895966990172160 http://twitter.com/#!/liars_never_win/status/456896216081498112 […]


Demented lib comments on rape culture by depicting Paul Ryan as rapist [pic]

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Behold, insanity incarnate: https://t.co/yjc7FRqobi — William J. Upton (@wupton) March 25, 2014 Earlier today, Ebony and Feministing writer Zerlina Maxwell launched #RapeCultureIsWhen: Feel free to add to #Rapecultureiswhen tag. I just made it up b/c I'm pissed off, yo — Zerlina Maxwell (@ZerlinaMaxwell) March 25, 2014 The hashtag has been trending on Twitter throughout the day, and […]