Report: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker considering eliminating state income tax

, , , , ,!/lachlan/status/412976686565564416 Earlier this year, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal generated buzz with his tweets about doing away with the state’s personal and corporate income taxes. Now, his Wisconsin counterpart is reportedly making similar considerations:!/wispolitics/status/412964955038576641 From “There are many states that do very well, better than most states in the country, that have no income […]


Debra Messing flips over Tim Robbins’ ‘winning Guam’ slam

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Hillary Clinton didn’t just win the South Carolina primary; she routed Bernie Sanders by a margin of around 74 to 26 percent. Sanders supporter Tim Robbins, introducing the candidate in Wisconsin, tried to downplay that landslide victory by comparing it to “winning Guam” and insulting South Carolina votersin the process. Introducing @BernieSanders, @TimRobbins1 hits Clinton's […]