When Women Found This Poor Dog, He Was Barely Alive. But Watch His Transformation.

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AMA Animal rescue recently discovered a pit bull whose condition will reduce you to tears. They found him sick, starving, and neglected, chained up outside without any affection or attention. It’s truly heartbreaking. This is Norman. He endured nearly a lifetime of abuse and neglect. YouTube / AMA Animal Rescue When he was found, he […]


This Poor Purple Creature Was Rescued From A Tragic Life Of Pain And Torture

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Meet Smurf — his body was beaten, tortured, burned, and abused…but his spirit never crumbled. Facebook / Nine Lives Foundation This terrified kitten (who is approximately 2 months old) was dropped off at a San Jose animal shelter in California this week. Not only was his fur dyed purple, but his body was covered in […]


These 14 Animals Were Horribly Mistreated Until Heroes Saved The Day.

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These fourteen different animals were living a life of neglect and abuse at disguting farms and zoos. Thankfully, they were rescued by my new heroes, Farm Sanctuary. Most people probably aren’t aware of the amazing things Farm Sanctuary does for animals. Two woman wanted to change that (and to change the hearts of thousands). Jessica […]


When This Dog Showed Up On Their Doorstep, They Knew He Needed A Christmas Miracle

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Everyone was in good spirits as one Redditor enjoyed Christmas celebrations alongside family and friends, but when someone looked out into the backyard, they noticed something heartbreaking. The dog that found his way onto the property was beaten, battered, and in serious need of help. The heartbroken friends reached out to Guardians of the Green […]


This Dog Was Shot 18 Times With A BB Gun, But He Pulled Through In The Best Way

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Universe, meet Brody. He’s an 8-week-old puppy from Rock Hill, South Carolina, and he’s basically the cutest. Facebook / Alicia Schwartz While it’s not obvious in the image above, Brody’s life recently hung in the balance after he endured being shot 18 times with a BB gun. He was rushed to a local animal hospital […]


This Family Saw A Baby Goat Listed For Free. Nothing Could Prepare Them For When They Showed Up.

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As goat breeders, one married couple (and friends of this Redditor) took wonderful care of their quality tested and loving animals. Sadly, two of their goats were stolen from their farm. When they saw a listing on Craigslist for a “free baby boy goat- just come get him,” they went in hopes of finding one […]


The Duggars Are Being Accused Of Animal Abuse After Seemingly Trying To Sled Over A Cat

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“Great job @derickdillard for appearing as a thoughtless, careless human being.” 1. You know The Duggars, the family with literally 757* members and GROWING? View this image › duggarfamilyblog.com *Not literally 757. 2. Now, the 19 Kids And Counting family is being accused of animal abuse after an Instagram video posted by daughter Jill Duggar’s […]